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Sunny Italy
Sunny Italy
Sunny Italy has always attracted the travellers like a magnet. The cradle of civilization that gave rise to the existence of almost all European countries, their languages and national cultures. Think adout the Roman Empire, after all almost three thousand years ago it conquered half of the known world. And let us call to memory the Renaissance -- it gave the world amazing discoveries and such geniuses as Dante, Michelangelo, Petrarch, Leonardo da Vinci.
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Homely Germany
Homely Germany
Bremen is a city with an ancient history and many unique landmarks. During the Middle Ages, Bremen became the largest port and main city of the Hanseatic League. Its ships sailed the seas, paving the new trade routes, bringing fame and profit to the Hanseatic merchants. Lovers of ancient architecture and lovers of nightlife, gourmets and fans of shopping will also find something to their tasted. Museums and old streets of Bremen will charm not only adults, but will also be interesting for children.
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от 80 000 ₽
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The biggest lake
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